EP Review: VANT // Karma Seeker

VANT are rightfully causing a stir at the moment with their debut EP ‘Karma Seeker’, and it’s not just because of the ferocious punch those angst-ridden melodies serve. It’s because VANT aren’t afraid to speak there minds. Each track on the EP takes a meaningful, even political turn that adds so much more prominence to the band among their growing fan base.

The EP’s title-track is a pure hair-raiser. With staccato burst of sound and explosive vocals, this is a track that will wear out your lungs as you inadvertently shout along to VANT’s lyrics as they step into the meaning of life. The next track is the bands plea to end boredom in the form of the biting ‘The Wonderful World of Berners Lee’. This is perhaps one of the most intriguing songs on their EP as, in its short minute and a half lifespan, it runs through curious and enthralling lyrics. ‘Jesus Was A Conman’ holds less character than the previous tracks but doesn’t lack in its meaning as the band take on take on gun violence, again creating a poignant punk track that really is one to behold. Final track ‘Birth Certificate’ ends the EP on a high as it rips apart the idea of labels and discrimination as VANT accompany their powerful lyrics with even more powerful melodies.

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