Interview: Jon Pattie

Jon Pattie, who’s last EP earned him a spot as SOTD, is relentless in his hard work, already releasing another EP ‘3 2 1’. After developing his style from the already beautiful acoustic sound in ‘The Home Inside My Head’, Mytacism Music were eager to find out more about his latest offering.

Mytacism Music: As an introduction to new listeners, how would you describe yourself and your music?

Jon Pattie: Tough question, who am I as a person? Well, I guess I would say that I am a friendly, sociable, fun-loving, easy-to-get-to-know, likeable, good-looking, awesome, somewhat narcissistic kind of guy 🙂 . My music is a lot more emotional and relaxed than my personality, in my opinion. I love being able to really get control of peoples’ emotions through my music and make them feel what I felt or tell them they some people aren’t the only ones that go through hard times. The sole purpose of my music is to be uplifting and for others to find hope in it to keep moving forward.

You’re also studying chemical engineering, what made you want to make music too? How have you managed to pursue both paths, they’re both time-consuming so it’s pretty impressive!

I have always wanted to make music since I was a little kid. Even before I had my first guitar, I knew that I wanted one and I knew that I wanted to be a rock star eventually! I want to put my heart and soul into my music and I am positive that I can do that and help others while I am! So the real question is why am I studying chemical engineering in the first place? I have managed to pursue both paths, but as of know, music is definitely taking up more of my time. I have one left year in college, which I cannot wait for, and then I plan on moving out to LA to seriously pursue my music.

When we last heard from you, you had just released your demo EP. How have things changed since then?

Things have changed so much since then! I have had the opportunity to play a variety of festivals including SXSW and the Texas Crawfish Festival, I have been able to get my music added onto a couple radio stations based out in Australia, and I have begun playing shows nationally! I just recently finished up a tour where I was in Minnesota for two weeks and then California for two weeks!

‘Home’ is one of our favourite tracks – it’s dreamy and gentle to listen to. What was the inspiration behind this?

The inspiration behind ‘Home’ is the idea of being lost and finding a way back to somewhere more familiar. We all can get lost, either physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, anyway, really. And when we are lost, we can sometimes lose hope that we may ever find our way back and we may end up being lost forever. This song is the light of hope that says that there is a way home and that you can find it if you look hard enough. It could be even standing right in front of you.

How did you approach making this EP? Was it any different to making your demo or did you have any new obstacles to face?

My approach to making ‘3 2 1’ was very different than my approach to making ‘The Home Inside My Head’. When I wrote ‘3 2 1’ I took the time to write about 8-9 songs and then choose the best 3 to record. From there, I collaborated with local songwriters, my producer, and local musicians to achieve the best sound possible on the CD. I also went to a home studio who had fantastic equipment and mixing and editing skills that helped make the tracks the way they are.

What was it that you wanted to achieve with ‘3 2 1’?

A lot of feedback I received from my previous EP, ‘The Home Inside My Head’, stated that I was having trouble finding my sound. I felt that comment was fair, as it was my first EP, so my goal for this new EP was to really solidify my sound and what kind of music I am going for as well as who I want my music to appeal to.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Right now, I am planning more shows all around the Texas area! I going to be performing at colleges, local clubs, and wherever else I can find some love. I am also working on some new videos for everyone, so keep an eye out.

‘3 2 1’ is Jon Pattie’s latest EP.

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