EP Review: Mint // Happiness is Heroin

Mint, a four-piece band from Grimsby, really do live up to their name. Everything about the indie band is ‘mint’, from their resonant vocals to their triumphant riffs, you can’t deny that these lads well and truly live up to the name. Whilst they may be more elusive on the internet, they have already been gaining momentum with their unforgettable sound meaning that the day of their EP release has been marked in a diaries for awhile now. And, now that it’s out today, the release has already been receiving more than positive feedback.

The EP opens with ‘Elise’ which is nothing but hooking from start to finish. It’s a buoyant track that boasts catchy lyrics that are reminiscent of Catfish and the Bottlemen, with Zak Rashid’s gutsy vocals not too dissimilar to Van McCann’s. The following track ‘Wolves’ loses the upbeat feeling of the first track and instead opts for the more energetic chaos that matches its animalistic title and wild lyrics. But it’s evident Mint don’t tire themselves out easily as ‘Living & Dying For’ bursts into what promises to be a sweaty track when it’s played live. The song reaches a climax that flushes your body full of adrenaline as those fearless vocals stretch to their highest point yet. The EP closes with the more tender sound of ‘Wonderland’. Here the band take on a blunt view of the world as they pair their commentary-styled lyrics with feisty melodies. It’s the final track that’s is most definitely the strongest – Mint put the world to rights whilst proving that they’re here to do more than mask the world’s bad breath.

‘Happiness is Heroin’ is Mint’s debut EP, out today.

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