Single Review: Skinny Lister // Geordie Lad

Whilst it may be heard to stick a label on Skinny Lister’s folked-up punk sound, it most definitely isn’t hard to label the band as being one of the most hard-working, passionate and dedicated acts out there. Having recorded their upcoming third album ‘The Devil, The Heart & The Fight’ over a course of 5 weeks whilst spending the last 18 months touring the UK, Europe and North America, it’s undeniable that this 6-piece keep their fans well fed and watered.

Their latest single, ‘Geordie Lad’, is one of our favourite tracks from the new album as it burst into an unstoppable, high-energy caper that you can’t help but stamp your feet to. The track focuses on past friendships as frontman Daniel explains: “‘Geordie Lad’ is a very personal track that we hope also chimes on a more universal level. Written about an ex-member of Skinny Lister, it’s an ode to the breakdown of a friendship and drifting apart. It’s for anyone who’s ever wondered what an estranged friend is up to now. It’s also a little nod to the traditional song ‘Geordie Hinny’ that we used to perform in our early days.

‘Geordie Lad’ is Skinny Lister’s latest single, taken from upcoming album ‘The Devil, The Heart & The Fight’ out September 30th.

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