WMF Preview: HUMM

It’s nearly the end of festival season for the Mytacism Music team. So, to see the season out, we having one last hoorah at this years Worcester Music Festival. WMF is one of our favourite festivals of the year, and it’s not just because we get to sleep in a proper bed at night. The festival boasts a huge range of music – from reggae to metal, they’ve got you covered – and an intriguing set of workshops, all set up in various venues across the city, making it the perfect excuse to discover all that Worcester has to offer. And, just to make things even better, the event is free with the option to donate to this years’ chosen charity – Acorns Children’s Hospice. Our reccomendations so far include Bad Cardigan, Arcadia Roots and Jack Fletcher Band but today we’re delving into something a little bit heavier.

WHO: HUMM | WHEN: Sat 17th @ 9:15pm | WHERE: The Marrs Bar

With a song title like ‘Pummeling a Monk’, HUMM immediately let you know that they aren’t messing around. With music that’s full of anger, feist and musical prowess, the five-piece don’t waste anytime with niceties as they race into sounds that could easily beat the likes of Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age.

HUMM: Twitter / FacebookWebsite

Worcester Music Festival (September 16th – 18th): Twitter / Facebook / Website


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