EP Review: Persian Leaps // Your City, Underwater

Our favourite Minnesota natives are finally releasing an EP after teasing us earlier in the year with the lead single from ‘Your City, Underwater’ – ‘See Me Unaware’. Since 2013, the band have stuck to a vigorous release schedule, making sure they have a new EP ready to put out each autumn. Whilst we would, of course, love for an album from the talented trio, you can’t complain with an EP releases every year that never fail to improve.

The whole EP is a total earworm with every track overflowing with catchy hooks and contagious lyrics. You can easily grab some 90’s nostalgia in EP opener ‘See Me Unaware’ or take a listen to ‘The Weather’ for an infection of rough riffs that surround the topic of climate change. Even the heavier tone of ‘It’s Nothing’ and the pure wit of the lyrics in ‘Terribly Happy’ is enough to leave you with a Persian Leaps shaped mark on your ear. But, whilst it may only be a mere 90 seconds long, ‘Short and Sour’ may be the best track to listen to for your Persian Leaps fill as it boasts pretty much everything the threesome do best – sarcy lyrics, chirpy, fuzzy riffs and a distant feel that makes the present a better place to reside in.

‘Your City, Underwater’ is The Persian Leaps’ upcoming EP, out September 16th.

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