EP Review: Jesse Mac Cormack // After The Glow

After touring with Half Moon Run, being featured on BBC 6 Music and playing shows in Europe with the likes of Patrick Watson, The Barr Brothers and The Great Escape, it was finally time for Jesse Mac Cormack to release his chilling EP ‘After The Glow’. If you want a minimal sound filled with maximum punch, this is a release you need to check out.

Jesse Mac Cormac

EP opener ‘After The Glow’ is a slow and steady track who’s meandering march will swallow you whole. With balled up emotions that just seem to come streaming out of Cormack, the song subtly boasts beautiful vocals and sumptuous melodies. But with a more old school blues/rock’n’roll vibes, you get the mellow ‘Addict’ that’s so potent you’ll be desperate for breath by the end of it and wholly devoted to the 5 minutes and 30 seconds this song blesses the airwaves for.

The heart of the EP comes in the form of ‘Repeat’, a track tinged with synths but dominated with a raw rock that strips back to basics before ending with a shattering finale that will leave you with a taste for more. Hopefully Cormack’s single and fourth track ‘Never Enough’ will go someway towards meeting that hunger. The focal point of the track is on Cormack’s utopian vocals that glide over melodic flourishes, making the track a perfectly executed day-dream from start to finish. ‘Death Row’ is the song the ends the EP. It’s gentle, almost somber composition makes it the best track to finish on as it saves all of Cormack’s passion for one last release that you’ll undoubtedly loose yourself in.

‘After The Glow’ is Jesse Mac Cormack’s latest EP, out now.

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