Introducing: Lake Komo

At the end of September Lake Komo brought us their new single ‘Weight of Fear and Doubt’. This emotional track follows their summer release of ‘Milwaukee’ and, with them currently on tour across England both this month and the next, we think this a perfect opportunity to show them some love. Lake Komo is one for fans of Bombay Bicycle Club and Bear’s Den.

This new single ‘Weight of Fear and Doubt’ is a great indie anthem that shouldn’t go under-appreciated and, with such an emotional message from the lyrics, it is a great next release from the band. Lead singer Jay shared that the personal lyrics focus on an individual’s struggle with depression in on form or another. Jay wanted to express his personal experience through his lyrics and he does just that alongside the creation of a killer indie track.

Lead singer Jay grew up on music and after being spotted playing at a gig by now drummer Liam Maxwell, he was introduced to piano player Jess Gould and bass player Peter Bentley; and Lake Komo was formed. A short but sweet story of a band with still big things to come.

A personal favorite track of is ‘Resurrect’ which was released earlier this year. With a similar anthemic feel to the song, it shows the great potential of Lake Komo. This one is definitely for fans of Hozier’s tracks as it has that slower yet powerful feel to the track.

Having the bulk of their previous shows based in the North, they’re currently headlining their very own UK tour these next couple of months. This is another band that we’re happy to introduce to you.

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