Introducing: Cassia

This tropical indie trio from the good ol’ North of England are ones to watch. With the previous releases of their singles “Paradise” and “Moana” off of their debut EP “I Forgot I Was Free”, they are now set to release the third track from the EP “100 Times Over”. It was confirmed over Twitter that it will be debuted live at their Manchester Show in November. If a new single and a circuit of the UK isn’t making you want to introduce yourself to the sound of Cassia I don’t know what will.

“Moana” is a fan favorite, heavily showing off their Vampire Weekend influences. Being released over summer was the perfect time for this track to debut with stunning harmonies showcased by all three lads.

For Circa Waves fans as well as fans of KYKO,who we’re avid fans of here at Mytacism Music; Cassia are the perfect match for you with the perfect guitar melodies from bass guitarist Lou Cotterill.  Along with those familiar vocal harmonies from all three of the boys, “Paradise Beach” is another great song.

From just two songs being released, it’s been a strong start for the three-piece and it’s only going to get better with the official release of “100 Times Over” just around the corner. Fans should be excited about this track as the date draws nearer. Despite a slower vibe compared to the previous tracks, this is probably my personal favorite from the trio – with their strong bass guitar and a more relaxed feel to the song, it makes a great ending to their EP.

As they head into November with a small UK tour and the release of “100 Times Over” scheduled for officially launching in their hometown gig in Manchester’s The Live Room, it’s a perfect end to a first year as a band and heading into 2017 with a perfect start for, hopefully, another music fueled year.

From Rob, Jacob & Lou going being just school friends writing as a hobby to a debut EP in one year is such an amazing accomplishment. They deserve a huge pat on the back in recognition and one big pint to celebrate.

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