Album Review: Sluka // Introversions

Sluka, also know as Christopher Sluka, is a solo artist who, this year, has released his tenth studio album, ‘Introversions’. Sluka has bags of talent – not only has he performed every instrument, sung every lyric and wrote every note on the album, he has managed to record a music video for every album track. If his dedication to his art doesn’t sell you straight away, as soon as you listen to just a few of his songs, there’ll be no way you can deny his musical pulling power.


‘Introversions’ is thirteen tracks of musical mastery. Opening with ‘Valentine Lies’, the release sets off on an 80’s likeness. But, instead of being like all of those classic films where boy meets girl and everything is happily ever after, Sluka treats us to a bit more honesty in both his lyrics and vocal delivery. That’s not it for the 80’s vibes though, ‘Sunday’s Child’ has a classic feel to it that’s not too disimilar to the likes of Tears for Fears or even Journey and ‘Doctor Stranglove’ packs with it a Bowie-esque sound as it travels down an odd, teetering on dark, dance flashback.

But, for every high Sluka makes sure you don’t get carried away by adding some impressive lows. With the heartfelt acoustics in ‘Paralyzed’ that flaunt his spectacular vocal abilities, the short but sincere ‘Fear of Ordinary Life’ and the mellow ‘Even The Knights Love Caeser’ that adds a somber weight to make you stop and think, the solo artist makes sure to cover all possible points just to keep you intrigued. Another one of the more mellow tracks is ‘Higher’, a song that sits as a sly, sunken piece that creeps up with its glorious harmonies, inevitably covering you with goosebumps. It’s the latter part of the album that is perhaps the best though. Filled with dramatic emotion, the restrained spirit of ‘Severed’ and the snake-like ‘Sadder Than Sad’ set you up perfectly for the album’s spookily climatic finale: ‘Gothic Cavalier’.

‘Introversions’ is Sluka’s latest album, out now.

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