Album Review: Dodgy // What Are We Fighting For

With five releases behind them, two of which earning the now-five-piece gold and platinum, it’s fair to assume that the news of a sixth album left fans with high expectations. But, after listening to ‘What Are We Fighting For’ even just once tells you that all that anticipation was worth it – the album ticks all of the boxes. From tracks hinting at country and americana sounds such as ‘Now Means Nothing’ and ‘Califronia God’ to more heartfelt, pour-your-heart-out ballads like ‘The Hills’, the band were undoubtedly on top form when they entered the studio to record this ten track wonder.

Starting the album off on exactly the right foot is ‘You Give Drugs A Bad Name’. Full of wild riffs, hints of The Wizard of Oz and an instrumental that will leave your hair standing on end, it’s definitely the track that packs the most punch before the album takes on a more reflective face with the almost jovial ‘Are You The One’ and ‘Is This Goodbye’ – the latter tricking you into feeling subdued with the intro before whacking up the speed for the verses. And, if that track doesn’t keep you on your toes, ‘Never Stop’ most definitely will. The impassioned line “I’ll never stop showing my love” accompanied by the forceful gust of instrumentals makes way for both a dizzying climax and the promise of a sing-a-long at one of their upcoming gigs. With ‘A Mended Heart’ and the punctuating harmonica in ‘Where Shall I Begin’ leading the way, Dodgy supply their best in the album’s title track. ‘What Are We Fighting For’ is a slow-burning goliath that boasts  the sort of build up that you know will reach an unbelievable peak. The climax itself is a whirlwind of heart-soaring guitar work and glorious vocals, leaving your ears more than happy.

‘What Are We Fighting For’ is Dodgy’s latest album, out now.

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Originally published in SLAP mag.


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