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To me, Lewis Watson is one of the most anticipated artists of this year, last year and every year I have heard him; after every release, I’m waiting for the next to come along. Now he hits fans with the news of a second album set to be released March next year.

The album, entitled “Midnight”, comes after the success of “The Morning”- his debut album released in 2014- as well as an abundance of well-loved, acoustic EPs. As he sets out on a tour leading up and following the album’s release, he teases us with the future of his album with track #2: “Little Light” accompanied with a 360 video of him and his band playing the track.

For this track, he’s abandoned the acoustic, melancholic sound and opted for a more indie-rock song which still is accompanied with beautiful lyrics that Lewis thrives on creating and are familiar to fans.

Watson has seemed to be introducing more indie-rock tones into his earlier tracks set to appear on the album such as”Maybe We’re Home”. But for fans of his earlier work, I wouldn’t worry as tracks like “Hello Hello” suggest he hasn’t abandoned his acoustic routes altogether. These latest releases give a taste of the upcoming album.

Lewis’s voice is one you’d want to listen to on repeat and one you should definitely witness live. His tour has already started, going up and down the UK from now until the start of April so I’m sure there will be a show in there for you to be able to attend.

Over the years, Lewis has built up a fan base through posting covers, releasing his first EP and constantly touring. I’m glad to say that I’ve been there to witness the growth. Coming back with this single to signal the build up to his album release with avid listeners still excited by every release shows the growth he has received and so richly deserved.

Apart from a handful of tracks, Watson has kept relatively quiet with regards to releasing music over the past two years after the release of the first album, the news of a second album was well received by fans who wait in anticipation to hear the full album as I am.

The first album soared to the top of the iTunes singer-songwriter charts followed by sold out shows, there’s no doubt that this album is going to do extremely well.

For those yet to be graced with the sound of Lewis Watson, listeners of Ben Howard, Death Cab For Cutie and Hudson Taylor will swoon at Lewis’ past and present sound.

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