Album Review: Galapaghost // I Never Arrived

With insightful lyrics, blissful melodies and an unforgettable name, Galapaghost (otherwise known as Casey Chandler and Federico Puttilli) is an artistic entity you shouldn’t skip over. The latest Galapaghost release comes in the form of ‘I Never Arrived’, a 12 track album that was recorded in a variety of Italian locations last year, including Puttilli’s apartment. The album itself captures just about every mood as it travels through a Folk/Americana styled dream.

Opening with the guitar-based ‘Mazes in the Sky’, Galapaghost immediately assert their position as the commanders of otherwordliness as they pluck out an emotive, heartfelt melody overlaid by Chandler’s hauntingly soft vocals. The eerie masterpiece continues onto ‘Science of Lovers’ that ends with gentle vocal wails and chilling keys before delving into ‘Salt Lake City’, a track full of a relatable bluntness as Chandler sings “Tell me to forget that time we made love on the floor / And you staid it was everything you wanted and more“. ‘Mister Mediocrity’ sits as one of my personal favourite tracks on the album as Galapaghost relate all of those niggling doubts haunt your mind: “But am I ever gonna be able to create anything that’s great?“. And it’s not long before the lyricist hits out an angry refrain in ‘My Greatest Roommate’, leaving any listener with the line “You’ve made it to the very top of my shit list” swirling round their heads in a mix of humor and sincerity.

As the album draws to a close with the tender ‘Somewhere’ and the delectably open ‘Bloom’, Galapaghost reveal their heart strings in an unabashed tenderness. ‘Goodbye (My Visa Arrived)’ has more of a breeze with it than the previous tracks, capturing some whimsical bars before ‘Our Place’ steps out with darker vocals and a controlled quiet that ensures the last track is a memorable one. It’s not often that I find myself quoting so many lyrics in a review but it was inevitable that I had to share some of Galapaghost’s lyrical prowess amongst their musical abilities. As the third album for the band, they are undoubtably proving that the only way is up.

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