EP Review: Matt Townsend // The Drifter and the Dream Part 1

A new offering from folk/country artist Matt Townsend comes in the form of a two-part EP series. ‘The Drifter and the Dream (Part I)’ is the first installment, boasting some of the best musicians from Western North Carolina including Bill Berg and Charles Gately. Where his first album included more of a solo acoustic sound, his new release builds up more of a prominent sound, flaunting influences from the 60’s rock, pop and folk.


The opening track ‘The Great American Madness’ really captures the essence of folk, drawing in country influences with voluminous vocals that belt out some delicious lyrics. Then it’s not long into the EP that Townsend decides to add in a little reminder of the summer with ‘Came Down From The Mountain’. Evoking the feeling of sitting in festival fields in the sun, this is a beautiful track that will undoubtedly do some entrancing up on stage.  ‘Roaming Twilight’ moves into a dreamy, slow mood that reaches deep into your soul with its ballad force before Townsend brings out the perky wailer ‘Freedom Is Calling Again’. The EP ends with ‘Katie’, a simmering sorrowful track packed full with raw emotion that’s accompanied perfectly by the tones of harmonica. It’s a spectacular way to end such a memorable EP and will undoubtedly leave you thirsty for the second installment.

‘The Drifter and the Dream (Part I)’ is Matt Townsend’s latest release, out now.

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