EP Review: Felix Devotion // Feminine Being

With his intriguing name and eye-catching EP title, Felix Devotion is turning heads with his EP ‘Feminine Being’. Also known as Joel U, the artist is an electro-pop singer and writer from New York who’s work looks at the ‘internal balance between the masculine and feminine’. As soon as you hit play on the five track release, you’ll be faced with strong beats, pulsating melodies and vocals that could rival the best of them.


‘At War’ opens the release with sounds not too dissimilar to Bastille’s ‘Bad Blood’. Felix Devotion’s vocals will wash over your body as the pop-y melodies and demanding bangs perfectly compliment his vocal acrobatics. ‘Eden’ sweeps in behind, bringing with it synth melodies and electronic work that adds a more ominous shadow to the side of his otherwise perky sound. The track taking center stage of the EP is ‘Freedom’. Not just showing off simmering synth work and pounding beats but also giving prominence to Joel’s silky vocals. But to get your blood moving, ‘Dionysus’ has you covered. The track is made up of few elements but the overall effect of it is consuming, the beats strong enough to shake your walls and the distant notes blocking out the rest of the world completely before ‘St. Jerome’ rocks up with even more Bastille vibes. It’s evident that throughout the whole EP Felix Devotion is carving his own way through the music scene, taking influence from the newest acts like Bastille and Shura whilst still anchoring himself with a healthy does of originality.

‘Feminine Being’ is Felix Devotion’s new EP, out now.

Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp


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