Album Review: You Me At Six // Night People

As someone whose grown up with You Me At Six being part of their short-lived and pathetically embarrassing emo phase, the thought of YMAS brings back some pretty cringe-worthy memories. But, despite this, I soldiered on and, surprisingly, it was worth it. ‘Night People’, released on the 6th, boasts the sort of soaring tracks that makes your heart race and mind ache, throwing away their romanticized past and introducing a bit more oomph into their sound. There are some slower tracks with ‘Heavy Soul’ bringing out some softer edges and ‘Take On The World’ playing like a tentative and flourishing flower but even they have something sharp and keen to them, leaving the album a mixture of ups and downs that become more interesting than that of their past releases.

Perhaps the reason I like this LP so much is because of the daring opening title-track. It’s anthemic, pelting out an energizing vibe that could break down any barrier standing in it’s way with those soaring vocals and hard-hitting beats being the perfect track to play loud and proud during their upcoming tour. ‘Plus One’ follows up with a quicker pace and extra heart-racing riffs that would be perfect to match any variation of fury you can think of. For all of their gutsy power, YMAS don’t ignore the detail in their lyrics with ‘Brand New’ offering up some deeper meditations and the deeper, melancholy stance that ‘Spell It Out’ adapts, proving that these guys give everything and hide nothing. But with ‘Swear’ reaching to the sky and ‘Make Your Move’ forcing vocals up from the depths of Franceschi’s guts before the electrifying ‘Can’t Hold Back’ and the climatic ending of ‘Give’, the album will inevitably be making it’s mark on you soon. As these guys are getting more and more well known, their music seems to continue pushing the boundaries and the band’s own comfort zone, making for some pretty impressive sounds.

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