EP Review: Seneko // Seneko

Seneko, otherwise know as Stan Olshefski, has spent the last 6 years honing his musical talent, mainly working on country tracks. More recently however, the artist has followed his passion for indie-pop and recorded a five track self-titled EP that is to be followed up later this year.

Despite Seneko trying out an indie-pop style, there’s style a heavy country influences, giving the EP a heavy country undercurrent. It’s on odd mix and might require a tailored taste but it definitely is ambitious and refreshing. The release opens with ‘Blindsider’, a track that bodes to be a classic with time. It uses every indie-pop tool in the box alongside a few country twangs and rustic melodies, making it more than just your normal earworm. ‘Circle Round’ might be one of the better tracks on the EP however. With a stronger indie feel and crooning vocals, it sits as one of the top picks of the EP. Then, ‘Angels in Kind’ follows on with a heartfelt attitude before ‘Monica Lately’ takes you back to the 2000’s with a Scouting For Girls feel. Finally, closing the EP is ‘Down on Delevan’, a song that somehow summaries all of the EP’s various moods, melodies and genres. With indie riffs and overlaying a distinctive country atmosphere, this is undoubtedly the best track to finish off with.

‘Seneko’ is Seneko’s latest EP.

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