Live Review: Calling Apollo & Time of the Mouth @ The Marrs Bar 16/02/17

After Diamond Days pulled out of the mini tour that covered The Booth Hall in Hereford, The Marrs Bar in Worcester, Y Castell in Pwllheli and Percy’s Cafe Bar in Whitchurch, hopes for the gig weren’t as high as they could have been. But, turning up The Marrs Bar on the 16th, it’s fair to say that No Poetry Promotions weren’t being beaten down. Quickly calling in Time of the Mouth as replacement, they put on one hell of a night that left us with a thirst for more of Calling Apollo’s formidable sound, not forgetting Time of the Mouth’s punked up covers.

Opening the night was Rivas who, with a bit more fine tuning, might be on to something good. Managing to fit in a cracking cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers whilst making Smash Mouth not sound as cheesy as usual, the band produced a mix of rock and blues that slides deep down into your stomach. And, amid an out of tune guitar, Rivas still entertained the audience, humbly interacting with them whilst they covered their mistakes. If the songs had proper endings and there was a little less chatter, I’m sure this upcoming Hereford act could do well.

We Signal Fire were up next, shaking the audience out of the more laid-back nature of Rivas as they brought their powerful alternative sound. With the dual vocals creating robust harmonies and the melodies being forceful enough that they deserved to be blasted loud and proud, this is a four-piece that have an impressive authority when they let rip. Mixing together their energetic stage presence and the moody mix of emotions that their music betrays, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine them between the pages of Rock Sound.

But nothing could beat our favourite of the night: Calling Apollo. The five-piece from Cardiff could easily have filled out bigger venues as they were more than a commanding presence on stage. As their music went from dizzying highs to shattering lows that were punctuated by intriguing recordings, frontman Christian James Neale belted out vocals that felt more than right while rough riffs were punctuated by moody melodies. It’s easy to see that these guys are just waiting for their break – they’ve got everything they need already.

The night was closed by a fast, pop punk whirlwind courtesy of Time of the Mouth. Channeling pop punk dons Neck Deep, their set was full of energy and confidence. The trio combined their catchy riffs and mighty harmonies to create a set that was as fun as it was impressive. Ending the night with covers of Mr Brightside and Take On Me, Time of the Mouth exited the stage with a fair few new fans in the audience.


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