EP Review: Max Fite // Shake It On Down

Max Fite are a band who put their full fighting force into making rock that sits resolute in its robust sound. Through their music, they enrich their music with life’s passions, showcasing an ardent mix of rock, folk and blues together. In their debut EP, ‘Shake It On Down’, Max Fite take a look at life’s struggles and successes, creating something that is victorious despite losses.

Opening the release is ‘Devil In Me’, a perfect introduction that boasts strong riffs that have a mind of their own, grabbing you by the hand and dragging you into the rest of the EP. ‘Court Jester’ changes the mood, mixing in some country vibes to Max Fite’s statement rock feel. The track channels a feisty, threatening spirit that proves Fite’s sound is not one to stand up to. After ‘Court Jester’s rule, title track ‘Shake It On Down’ bursts onto the scene with its unruly riffs, dark vocals and strong lyrics, the song is unmoving as it sinks its killer rock riffs deep into your eardrums.

The latter half of the EP is just as good, with ‘My Own Fantasy’ showcasing a similar anthemic feel that artists like Biffy Clyro have managed to master and ‘Yes Man’ turning into a fast paced whirlwind. ‘Time To Heal’ turns down the hurricane and exposes the bands emotions. Full of soul and sentiment, the track will easily share its calming effect with those within hearing distance, easily making it Max Fite’s very own ‘Wonderwall’. As a debut EP, this is a release that bodes incredibly well for the LA four-piece.

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