Album Review: Lewis Watson // Midnight

LewisWatson_Midnight_300dpi_4k_CMYK_Dark_Title_CopyIt’s here. The day has finally arrived as Lewis Watson’s second album is released. At Mytacism, we have been loving the follow-up album to “the morning” as Lewis brings us “Midnight”.

I’ve been a fan of Lewis’ since the release of his first EP “It’s got four sad songs on it btw” and have watched him grow; going from EP to EP to headline tours to a debut album. Lewis has constantly grown, with his listeners growing and his sound changing along the way. Early fans will remember Lewis’ mellow beats and melancholic voice and the slow acoustic sounds of his earlier music. With midnight, we see Lewis take a more heavy tone with his music while still managing to stay true to his acoustic roots.

Lewis introduces this more electric, heavy sound with the first track “Maybe We’re Home” which he had previously released on youtube and Spotify to give fans a taste of the new sound. He next introduces us to “Little Light”. Released on March 3rd, this is the single taken from the album. Lewis shows off his Bon Iver influences with this one.

A personal favourite follows with “Deep the Water”. Taking it back to an acoustic guitar for this one accompanied with strong keys and harmonies to start. With added guitar riff, Lewis shows the growth he has made since making acoustic covers in his bedroom. This track really highlights the progress he has made. His progress is shown further with “la song”. Originally appearing as a demo track on “the morning”, Lewis shows us how you take an acoustic demo and turn it into a killer track.

“When the water meets the mountains” was one I previewed at his Leeds gig at the Wardrobe(read more here). From the upbeat sounds, you wouldn’t guess it’s a song about drowning and dying at the end of the world.

One of the first tracks we were teased with off the album was “Hello Hello”. It was the first track Lewis had released since “the morning” and gave us the first glimpse of what was to come. Now it’s here on the album for us all to enjoy. Lewis’ voice on this is like butter. With an effortless feel, this gives a sense of real emotion hidden behind the lyrics. This throws us back to his sad song days.

“Forever” is one I’ll be listening to all summer. It is reminiscent of the “The Wild” EP . The build up towards some strong vocals makes this another personal favourite. This track is the first track with a music video added to his Vevo page.

“Run” is an emotional one. This really shows off his way with words and how he his a master of lyrics. He manages to pour emotions into a song and makes it relatable to listeners. When you manage to draw emotions out in others, you know you’re a talented writer and that is just what Lewis is. There is then a drastic change- going from this track to “Give me Life”. One of the more upbeat, heavier tracks with positive, heart-warming lyrics. With Lewis’ band, this is one to see being performed live.

Lewis’ previous EP “songs with friends” doesn’t mark the end to his beautiful collaborations as he now works with the lovely Lucy Rose on “Slumber”. This song offers Angus and Julia Stone vibes to the track with their harmonious voices working together to produce a calm, melancholic track to enjoy as the album comes to an end.

Finally, he sneaks an eleventh, secret emotional track onto the album entitled “midnight”. This gives a nostalgic feel as though he’s looking back on the album as a whole. At least, that’s what I feel like; giving the album a final nod of approval and realising how well rounded this album is.

With a balance of his established sound from previous releases and a band now introduced to create a heavier sound that still has us eager to hear more, this album has opened Lewis up to new musical opportunities. Mytacism cannot wait to see him thrive from here on out as he continues to wow crowds across the globe and selling albums that have fans are glued to.

If my words aren’t enough to make you want to buy Lewis’ album or go to one of his gigs, why not hear it from Lewis’s mouth himself with this beautiful video he added to his Youtube page just the other day.

We are so happy that Lewis is back with this album and a twist to his sound. We hope you’re as excited by this album as we are. Lewis has already set out on the road to tour the album so why not join him along the way. Check out his website to see more information on his upcoming gigs.

More from Lewis Watson here: Twitter // Facebook // Youtube // Website


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