Single Review: Ivan Beecroft // Believe

Ivan Beecroft is one of the strongest musicians out there, honing his craft despite countless set backs and struggles. From working in the unsafe conditions of the steel industry to his long-time friend and bass player being hospitalized, the world has thrown everything in its reach at Beecroft. And yet, he’s still here, turning what was form of solace into something that will hopefully inspire and empower his listeners. In Ivan’s repertoire is a variety of instruments, including the saxophone, drums and guitar. All in all, his talents give off a retro rock vibe that has an undoubtable modern twist, creating a sound not to dissimilar to The Strangles.

‘Believe’ is the first single to come from his upcoming album. The track is driven by Beecroft’s sometimes cheery, sometimes melancholy piano and his impassioned vocals that belt out heartfelt lyrics about relationships going through modern difficulties. There’s also an unmistakable energy in the track, an energy that makes you want reflect and act on those difficulties. But more so than anything, ‘Believe’ creates a delicate and fragile glance into a harsh relationship but that’s what makes the track so special: it’s honest, emotive and overall a sublime song.

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