Preview: Best 10 To See At Slam Dunk 2017

Slam Dunk is fast approaching so we’re guessing that anyone lucky enough to get tickets are starting to plan out their day of excellent heavy noise. In case you’re stuck for ideas or have a gap between bands you want to fill, we’ve picked out 10 bands that we’re dying to see ourselves. If you’re lukcy, you’ll catch us in the audience ūüėČ


Having been a thing since June 1994, it’s impossible that the rock four-piece haven’t entered your radar at least once in your lifetime. And, if their timeless ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ isn’t one of your anthems, you can’t return to this lil’ blog of ours until you’ve realised how catchy it is.


Neck Deep are now one of the best pop punk bands circling the scene at the moment. With the five-piece boasting musical prowess whilst retaining their incredible humble nature, this is a band that will be likely to put on a cracking show that will restore your faith in big name bands staying true to their roots.


We were lucky enough to catch these guys back in December and we’re super pump to have the chance to see them again. Being inspired by both brutal metalcore and old school punk, their music is a reflection of an array of genres that are brought together in a loud enough explosion that you’re ears will be ringing with the sound of them for days.


Back at the start of my emo phase, I had a complete obsession with this band. And now that they’re embarking on a farewell tour, I’m taking my chance to catch them live. Even if it will be tinged with sadness, I’m sure this will be one of the personal highlights of the weekend so I encourage you to do the same.


I’m not sure how many people I’ll actually have to persuade to see the ex-MCR band member but I’m including him here because I’d definitely regret having the chance to feature him. With new LP ‘Parachutes’ out now, you don’t want to miss out on this set.


Another one of the staple bands from anyone’s emo phases, this will be a set full of nostalgia and fresh pop rock in the form of their new material.


Fronting the metal/hardcore scene, Crossfaith are name that pops up in the vocabulary of anyone with a remote interest in the metal scene. Travelling all the way from Japan, you don’t want to miss this heady set full of heavy, brash noise.


These New York natives are ‘on a mission to bring honest pissed off music to the world’. Since they’re a full time touring band, their live set will undoubtedly be performed with perfection and I definitely don’t want to miss it so I hope you don’t either.


Boasting sheer carnage and fearless female vocals, Milk Teeth are going to be hot on the heels of any big name band this summer. With grungy delivery and an aura of madness, you’ll want to catch this lot before they get any bigger.

10 – WSTR

WSTR will be bringing Liverpudlian Pop Punk to the festival this year and I, for one, can’t wait to see it. Delectably rhythmic and slightly eccentric, this is a band we’re excited to see beginning to rise. Also, for any other Worcester natives like myself, keep an eye out for their appearance at The Marrs Bar in July – it’s going to be a banger.


2 responses to “Preview: Best 10 To See At Slam Dunk 2017

  1. A great selection of bands! I was not familiar with any, but liked the songs by most of them, especially WSTR and Stray From the Path (I’ve been feeling the anger they express in “The House Always Wins”).

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