Preview: Barn on the Farm

Last year, Mytacism Music had the wonderful opportunity to visit many wonderful festivals over the course of the summer. But, without a doubt, Barn on the Farm is was the best we  had the chance to experience. And that includes the likes of Nozstock and even Reading Festival. There’s just something very special about it, everybody was a friend and everybody was there for the pure love of the spectacular line-up on offer.

This year, the line-up is even better. Over the next few days we’ll be picking out some of the lesser known acts we think you need to check out but, for now, we’re showing off the best of the best – the cream of Barn on the Farms well grown crop.

1. Tom Odell

This one might be an obvious one – who else would be taking the top spot? But this is one musician we’re super stoked to see. With his latest LP ‘Wrong Crowd’ making waves last year, it’s going to be one hell of an experience see share his impeccable talent live.

2. Sundara Karma

‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ was the main reason we wanted to bring in the new year and we were not disappointed. These boys have been promising good things since the release of ‘EP 1’ in 2015 as they started radiating the carefree, relatable indie sound the world has been in need of and their set will be bound to reflect that.

3. The Big Moon

Spitting girl power in every direction, this four-piece are everything you should aspire to be. Their debut album, ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’, was only released in April and apparently their already working on album number two. Whilst it might be awhile till we see that, you won’t have to wait long to bask in the glory that will be The Big Moon’s BOTF apearance.

4. The Magic Gang

If the weather is anything like it was last year, The Magic Gang will be perfect for the sun. Their lazy, whimsy tracks are the only soundtrack to the appearance of sun you’ll need. And, if their appearance at Reading was anything to go, it’s going to be one hell of an experience seeing them live.

5. Zak Abel

This dude is set to promise a charismatic, indie pop daydream of a performance this year and I, for one, don’t want to miss out. Seeing his performance last year and the growth of his feel-good, magnetic tunes is enough to draw me into this year’s festival and i bet it will make you do the same. / weekend tickets £110 / intimate Thursday and Friday sold out


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