Live Review: Clean Cut Kid, Get Inuit and Trash at Birmingham O2 Institute, 6/5/17

With the release of the irresistible ‘Felt’, I, among many other Clean Cut Kid fans, was buzzing with the feel of the indie pop sensation bouncing off out skin. The album tour was to kick off the next day and many CCK fans with tittering with excitement over the anticipation of hearing it live. As the day dawned, die-hard fans donned their merch and the casual listener went around with the sound of ‘Felt’ in their ears, building up for the first show of their headline tour.

Opening was Trash, a band who mix dream pop with a sprightly sprinkle of psych making something as enduring and engrossing as you could even imagine. Their name’s growing and, with this set, they prove just why it is.

Following suit with impressive indie prowess was Get Inuit. It was a refreshing set from of the wildest new frontmen to hit the scene. And hit the scene they did. As Jamie Gloss smeared crimson lipstick across his face and threw his free body around the stage, the band’s music tightened its delicious hold over the audience. That musical hand had everyone by the throat, pulling and pulling, until eventually releasing them and leaving them to relish in the final explosion of musical ecstasy with the band’s final song.

The final break of the night brought everyone’s excitement to a head, meaning the band’s appearance on stage was accompanied by the screams and shouts of a tense, packed out audience. Despite the album release only being the previous day, the audience knew every word and it made for a cosy, humbling, family-like gig. The four-piece were wild, throwing themselves into every twist and turn of their poppy talents, all in all proving that they have some degree of sonic superpower. And, despite only just coming off of tours with the likes of The Kooks and Michael Kiwankua, Clean Cut Kid were still evidently humble as they chatted, thanked and met the audience straight after their sweaty set.

The set itself was fierce. Every track was a joy to see but the highlights of the night include the finale of the bands most well known explosion of indie-pop good feeling ‘Vitamin C’ that had even the most reluctant members of the audience singing along alongside their newly remodelled version of ‘Runaway’. That’s not forgetting the wondrous hit ‘Pick Me Up’ that caused a spree of temporary tats to scour their fans skin. But, despite their infectious, upbeat sound, their more downtempo, heartfelt and emotive tracks also went down an impressive storm.


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