Single Review: Raptor // Ultraviolet/Haight Street

Hailing from the depths of Herefordshire, Raptor are trio comprising of Kurt Fletcher (Guitar/Vocals), Adam Fetcher (Drums) and Lou Hopcutt (Bass Guitar). As they continue to work hard on the creation of their album, they’ve today brought out a double A-side that proves just how excited you should be for it’s eventual release. If you want passion, talent and deservedly nonchalant music, then just hit play.

Saturated in classic rock riffs and an unbelievable level of coolness, ‘Ultraviolet’ is the equivalent of a lion in a pack of wilderbeast. It’s as aloof as it is carefully created, the placement of every note is perfect and the rise of the track is enough to knock any well-centered human off of their feet.

The other side of the single, ‘Haight Street’, is lyrically strong and will be a corker to catch at summer festivals. The track is a shot of the 60’s in a psych rock mug of buzzed riffs and cut vocals, all in all creating a caffeinated burst to your system.

‘Ultraviolet/Haight Street’ was released today, June 23rd, in anticipation for Raptor’s upcoming LP.

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