EP Review: White of the Waves // There Are No Words

Worcester artist White of the Waves, otherwise known as Jay Benstead, has made his debut in the world with his EP ‘There Are No Words’. Bernstead self-taught himself guitar when he was young but has recently returned to the art following a tough period. Using music as therapy, he lost himself in his creativity, leading to the creation of his debut release – “forging something positive from such a desolate situation” as the solo artist says. The EP was influenced heavily by his favourite experimental artists such as Minus the Bear and Thrice, leading to his tracks being a pool of experimental sounds and rhythms that flicker between different emotions and tempos with a surprising delicacy.

White of the waves

The EP opens with ‘Pure’. It’s a gentle caressing track before debuting a harsher riff, the hot and cold nature of the track keeping you out of your comfort zone and on your toes. As ‘Pure’ reaches it’s end, Benstead reveals his symphonic side, making you feel each movement of the track deeply within you. In ‘City’ we see the artist focus more on an electric riff that will tingle up your spine before a chilled interlude is added to keep things interesting.

‘Ghost’ takes an ominous turn that eases into a melodic reassurance. It’s a song dominated by smooth beats accompanied by an intriguing sound that will snap you awake. The aptly named ‘Oh Four’ enters a rockier vein with fast-paced notes that coincide with slower beats, creating an eye-opening contrast before it reaches a shocking climax. The undercurrent of lighter acoustic plucks helps to push the boundaries of genre and music as we know it, making ‘Oh Four’ stick in your head with its originality.

Picking up the tempo is ‘The Bay’ with it’s delightfully perky rhythm based melodies that are laced with different riffs, creating haunting but sheer elements that are brought together with another symphonic choral.  ‘Yours’ is the most emotional song on the EP. It’s a rainy day track that is refreshing after the previous numbers, putting you into a melodic trance with those rain-like notes. Penultimate ‘Anita’ boasts White of the Waves funkier side, mixing a rhythm that will make you move and guitar work that matches the talent of Remi Harris before the beat-ridden ‘Shimmer’ puts a climax on the experiment with its build of various layers. Just like the tracks that came before it, ‘Shimmer’ will be sending your senses into overdrive.

‘There Are No Words’ is out now.

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