Single Review: Ds Feco // Jihad Du Jour

ds fečo, born David Fetcho, originates from Pittsburgh, PA and has spent decades composing commissioned works for dance, theater, video and broadcast. But, having always been a songwriter at heart, he spent his life in a variety of bands and groups, including a 1967 folk trio and a psych group named The People. But it took until age 67 for him to release his debut solo EP ‘Watch It Sparkle’, leading him to releasing Jihad Du Jour most recently.

The track sounds like a mix of all our fave gothic 90’s rock bands – a sprinkling of Balaam and the Angel mixed in with Fields of the Nephilim alongside a dusting of The Cure’s weirdness. You can listen to this however many times you want and you still won’t make sense of the depth to the melodies, leaving you in a dizzy daze lead on by the repetitive piano keys. It’s the vocals that are what makes this such an important track. I’d go into it myself but Fetcho explains better:

“In light of the recent spate of deadly attacks by lone wolf, “self-radicalized” extremists—Egypt, Sweden, London, Manchester, London again, Iran, etc., etc.—and all past attacks perpetrated by self-radicalized religious ideologues (the Orlando club attack being one of the worst), I started thinking about how to investigate and interrogate the psychic vulnerabilities of a would be jihadist recruit. As a response, I wrote and recorded this song.

ds feco

At one level it is a song of rage against every sexually repressed, self-styled jihadist willing to kill and maim for a twisted ideology and in hope of a pleasure paradise of 72 virgins to rape at will. It expresses what all of us feel who are fed up with their perversion of religion. It is the only thing I’ve ever written, the tone of which I’d characterize as “vicious.” But this is in no way a derogation of Islam, nor its millions of devout followers. I can only hope that my expression of abhorrence toward violent extremism mirrors theirs.

Some might argue that any artistic response to international jihadism is like throwing feathers at dinosaurs. Maybe so. But it’s also the legitimate role of art to express our collective, pleading outrage toward those who’ve been infected by this ideology. It’s in that spirit that I’ve put out this song.”

‘Jihad Du Jour’ is out now.

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