Live Review: Boneyard Sessions present Happy Bones, Sam Clines, Jess Silk, Ben Dallow & Tom Forbes @ The Firefly, Worcester 24/07/17

Boneyard Sessions yet again prove how on the cusp they are of the local music scene as they put on a fantastic afternoon of acoustic music. And, as the sun set over the firefly’s garden, the radiating faces of the audience confirmed that Boneyard got it undoubtedly right.


Jess Silk

The afternoon was started with Happy Bones dreamy morbidity. The solo artist was definitely better as a by himself as he debuted new tracks that show he’s nearly mastered the acoustic style despite his apparent lack of practice for the day’s gig.

Following him was the king of the acoustic dreamscape – Sam Clines. Armed with whimsical dreams, he’s been everywhere recently, again highlighting how on the cusp Boneyard are on Worcester’s upcoming talent. I can say one thing about Clines – for one person he makes a lot of noise.

Jess Silk saw herself sandwiched between the talent. She showed off that perfectly rasped voice as she delivered songs that are hard-hitting and inspirationaly relevant. With pitch perfect melodies and a voice that sticks to the mind, I was impressed and so glad I could see her again after catching her at a previous Uncover.

The penultimate set was delivered by the incredible Benjamin Dallow. Boasting Arctic Monkey’s inspired vocals that were matched by calming riffs, Dallow brings to the table something very enamoring and is set to take him far.

After Dallow had wet the pallet, the main attraction for the afternoon took to the stage area with his guitar and pedals. From the very beginning Tom Forbes set to work on blowing the audience away with his dizzy set full of layered gold. It was the right sound to conclude the sunny Monday afternoon to.

Find the full gallery here and check out the next boneyard event here.


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