Live Review: 110 Above Festival 2017

I’ve never been happier to discover such a little, unknown event as this. Talking to those around the campsite, everyone had been coming for years in a row, suggesting that this had definitely become a second home to many of the festival-goers. After setting up camp in the festival’s charismatic setting I found myself in 110’s authentic setting. With both stages part of a farmyard, no mud in sight and decorated caravan’s adding character, it’s understandable why it has so many dedicated fans.

110 above

On Saturday, I found myself witnessing the impressive High Tyde as they shared their enrapturing stage presence with 110 as well as getting the chance to witness Anteros donning the stage yet again after visiting my local venue for our monthly Uncover night. It was exciting to see them on a bigger stage more suited to their tenacity as they broke out those uplifting tracks.

Another main stage highlight was Marsicans – the colourful boys refused to be overlooked as their set was fun enough to be a highlight of the day. But, after a summer of basking in one of my favourite albums live, Clean Cut Kid were unable to bring ‘Felt’ to the farmyard due to Ev being ill. I may have been gutted but it didn’t put a dampener on things as the headliners well and truly put out all the stops.

Dog Is Dead poured energy into those watching, their carnival-tinged sound the perfect thing to end the live sessions in The Old Town Hall. They rarely perform live but their set was flawless and left those in the audience feeling honored for seeing such a delight. Following that was Sundara Karma headlining the Commune Stage. It might be the 4th time I’ve seen them this year but they continue to get better. But, to be fair, it’s not surprising when their album was a masterpiece that was ready to capture the hearts of those listening.

Sunday was just as full of quality as Saturday though. Recently featured Eyre Llew provided their emotive soundscape to open the day before Airways made sure to impress with their polished indie style. Afterwards I was treated to glass cut vocals from Ardyn. The band went through all of their best tracks, creating an impressive atmosphere in the farm.

With The Night Cafe unable to perform, Ten Tonnes filled in. After seeing him perform a few times at other festivals with his full band, it was refreshing to hear an acoustic set and it may have been a personal favourite of his performances. INHEAVEN then donned the main stage and shared their razor energy with the crowd. Enticing a few moshes, the crowd livened up and left with a lot of adoration on their faces. I finished my weekend with Will Joseph Cook. He provided more than a party, every person in ear shot singing along to his new album.

The weekend was a sheer success and I have definitely discovered a new favourite festival, although I suspect it won’t stay hidden much longer…


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