Single Review: Kasabian // Ill Ray (The King)

After catching their spectacular set at Reading last weekend and falling head over heels for their latest album ‘For Crying Out Loud’, it’s inevitable I’m going to be stoked for the wild, mysterious and intriguing music video’s Kasabian put out to support the following album and singles.

‘Ill Ray (The King)’ is perhaps my favourite off the record, it’s fast-paced and punchy enough to replace a life support machine whilst the chorus reaches a frenzy that you can’t helped but be sucked into. The video is just as wild and weird as you’d expect from Kasabian too. Featuring Game of Thrones’ Lena Headley and Michael Socha, the band link heavily to their Leicester roots as King Richard III is brought back to life for a day of frantic modern fun.

‘Ill Ray (The King) is from Kasabian’s latest album, ‘For Crying Out Loud’, out now.

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