Single Review: Michael P Cullen // Black Coffee Cigarettes

Michael P Cullen specializes in tales of longing and regret using his unique baritone that has echos of American mid-century pulp writers and Southern Gothic Americana. Often finding himself compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave, he blends Noir, New Wave, Stax and Northern Soul in an memorable style. Cullen is releasing a live EP performed with the Soul Searchers: ‘Live At Lazybones’. With two singles already out, the third has recently been revealed and promises many good things.

‘Black Coffee and Cigarettes’ features Cullen’s reassuring vocals that sound both grainy and smooth as they usher out melancholy lyrics. With Cullen opening his heart, the track becomes even more powerful through the live backing of the Soul Searchers. The band add so much more life, making the punky, country song just that more memorable. But that’s not to say the version on Cullen’s ‘True Believer’ LP isn’t a hard-hitter.

‘Black Coffee and Cigarettes’ is taken from Michael P Cullen’s upcoming EP ‘Live At Lazybones’.

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