WMF Preview: Valence

The end of festival season is always sad – there’s no more opportunities to disgrace yourself in a field and go home with little to no consequences, it becomes less appropriate to get horrifically drunk and worst of all, less opportunity to discover new and great artists. But, worry not, for Worcester holds a golden opportunity. You may not be able to camp in a field and build up a wall of B.O. but you will find more than a few hidden gems amongst the sprawling metropolitan festival. Dotted across various venues within the city, every type of music will be showcased alongside spoken word and comedy acts on Sunday night. The best part? It’s all in aid of a wonderful charity: St. Paul’s Hostel. If you have any sense left after the summer, you’ll be heading down to soak up the talent between the 15th-17th of September.

Just to give you a taste of the festival, we’re kicking off the previews with Worcester’s latest newborn: Valence.

WHO: Valence | WHERE: Monroe’s Cellar Bar | WHEN: Fri 15th @ 8:15pm


How are you feeling about Worcester Music Festival, are you excited?

We can’t wait! It’s a great time of the year for musicians to show off their sets and their music. Especially for us local acts, we’re hoping to make some new fans. We feel really lucky to be able to represent Worcester. We’re focused on doing a decent job and putting on a good show for everyone who comes along.

How would you like to introduce yourself to new fans?

We’re the new band on the block and I believe we bring something different to Worcester’s music scene. We’re hoping that we introduce ourselves to people by playing plenty of shows. We would like our show to be how people find us.

You’ve only recently started playing live as a band but there’s already a big buzz about you, are you looking forward to the future?

We’re really excited about the future of this band. I think individually we’ve each got ideas for what this band can achieve. Our genre of music is having a bit of a resurgence which is exciting for us.

What are you planning?

Well, we plan to go into the studio towards the end of the year. We want our music out there as soon as possible but at the moment it’s about putting the finishing touches on the songs we have right now before we go and record them.

How has your local music scene affected the way you play live?

I don’t think it affects the way we play live but I do think we’re really excited and ready to prove ourselves to other local bands. We want to prove that we’re the band to watch.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for your performance?

Just a solid and fun performance. We’ve had a good learning experience with our first few shows so for the WMF gig we really want to show people what we’ve learned and hopefully that will create some excitement around this band

Are there any other acts you are looking forward to seeing or any that you’d recommend?

We’re excited to see all the bands we’re playing with as its a punk night. From what we’ve seen so far each band looks like they will put on a very good show. We recommend people come down to see us and all the other bands performing just because it’s not to be missed.

Valence: Twitter / Facebook

Worcester Music Festival takes place 15th-17th of September across the city and is in aid of St. Paul’s Hostel who are working to improve the care they provide for the homeless.


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