WMF Preview: The Actions

The end of festival season is always sad – there’s no more opportunities to disgrace yourself in a field and go home with little to no consequences, it becomes less appropriate to get horrifically drunk and worst of all, less opportunity to discover new and great artists. But, worry not, for Worcester holds a golden opportunity. You may not be able to camp in a field and build up a wall of B.O. but you will find more than a few hidden gems amongst the sprawling metropolitan festival. Dotted across various venues within the city, every type of music will be showcased alongside spoken word and comedy acts on Sunday night. The best part? It’s all in aid of a wonderful charity: St. Paul’s Hostel. If you have any sense left after the summer, you’ll be heading down to soak up the talent between the 15th-17th of September.

Today we chat to The Actions who have pretty much everyone involved in the festival looking forward to their set.

WHO: The Actions | WHERE: The Firefly | WHEN: Fri 15th @ 11pm


How are you feeling about Worcester Music Festival? Are you excited?

Definitely yes, we can’t wait to play our set at The Firefly on Friday 15th September.
WMF is an awesome festival, three days of free gigs all around Worcester, top line-up, we’re really glad to take part in. We’re also proud to help St. Paul’s Hostel, and its importance for homeless people, with our performance.

How would you like to introduce yourself to new fans?

We’re an Alternative Rock act heavily influenced by Trip Hop and Psychedelia.

The day before the festival you have a new single coming out, do you want to tell us more about that?

Our new single ‘Let’s Talk’ will be out on 14th September via igiveyougive.org All the income raised will go entirely to MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctor Without Borders), Save The Children and Greenpeace. (https://www.igiveyougive.org/Gift/68/the-actions/lets-talk) The single comes out after a lengthy hiatus since our latest studio work ‘Indefensible’ and we’ll play it live at WMF.

Have you played at other festivals before? How was your experience?

Yes we did, they were all beautiful experiences and made us grow up as performers. Among the ones we did we loved to play Heineken Jammin Festival’s main stage before Green Day but also Zaelous Festival in London last year. It’s always great to play at festivals because Artists and Public join together forming a happy community, dedicating those days entirely to Music, Arts and having fun.

What was your first live performance like? How has your act developed since then?

Oh man, it was long time ago. I can’t even remember where it was, but what I can tell is that we have improved pretty much every aspect of our live set since then.

How has your local music scene affected the way you play live?

London’s music scene is so varied and full of talented musicians that it was almost impossible for us not to be influenced, in a good way.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for your performance?

Probably yes, any Artist has got something special to give after all. It’s up to the Artist to let the audience discover it.

Are there any other acts you are looking forward to seeing or any that you’d recommend?

Oh well, we’ve been very lucky because all the bands playing before us on the 15th at The Firefly are top ones (Plastic Scene, Ghosts in The Photographs, Elephant Peel,The Pink Diamond Revue), so I’d recommend people to come down early as it’s gonna be a not-to-miss event. I’d love to see Repo Man the day after if I can.

And finally, do you have any tales of the road you’d like to share with us?

They really are too many to mention. Once I was in the middle of a guitar solo, all the people in the club were looking at me and I broke two strings at the same time. I don’t know how this could even happen, but it did. I thought I was lost, suddenly I remembered an old Iron Maiden’s concert and I started whipping the strings with my instrument cable instead of playing real notes…crowd went mad! So I’d recommend guitarists out there to lessen the use of wireless systems if they can. An old-fashioned cable could be a good pal sometimes!

The Actions: Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud

Worcester Music Festival takes place 15th-17th of September across the city and is in aid of St. Paul’s Hostel who are working to improve the care they provide for the homeless.


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