WMF Preview: The Clause

The end of festival season is always sad – there’s no more opportunities to disgrace yourself in a field and go home with little to no consequences, it becomes less appropriate to get horrifically drunk and worst of all, less opportunity to discover new and great artists. But, worry not, for Worcester holds a golden opportunity. You may not be able to camp in a field and build up a wall of B.O. but you will find more than a few hidden gems amongst the sprawling metropolitan festival. Dotted across various venues within the city, every type of music will be showcased alongside spoken word and comedy acts on Sunday night. The best part? It’s all in aid of a wonderful charity: St. Paul’s Hostel. If you have any sense left after the summer, you’ll be heading down to soak up the talent between the 15th-17th of September.

WMF Event poster

Alongside The Archivists, our night at the festival features Tell Me I’m Pretty and ClayToRide who are both gritty indie bands – find out more about our event here. Our headline performance comes in the form of The Clause who give you a taste of what to expect below…

WHO: The Clause | WHERE: Monroe’s Cellar Bar | WHEN: Sun 17th @ 11pm

The-Clause (1)

How are you feeling about Worcester Music Festival? Are you excited? 

We’re proper excited, its one of our first out of town gigs in a while so we are looking forward to playing some new faces.

How would you like to introduce yourself to new fans? 

We’d like to come across as a good live band that puts on a good live show for people that come and watch us.

You’ve just released new single ‘Sixteen’ to brilliant reviews – do you want to tell us more about it?

‘Sixteen’ is an upbeat tune with distinct melodies. The lyrics reflect experiences of being young, going out and growing up in Birmingham.

Are you looking forward to playing it live?

Yeah we’ve played it live a few times and the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

What have you got planned for the future? We’re hoping for more releases… 

We’re always working on new originals and always in the studio recording so hopefully we’ll have some new material out soon.

Have you played at other festivals before?

No! This is our first time!

What was your first live performance like? 

We actually managed to sell out our first headliner recently so it was a proper good way to kick things off especially in a 200 cap venue. It inspired us to persist with writing and gigging.

How has your act developed since then? 

Our live performances have matured and our song writing has improved. Its much easier for us to go out there and put on a good show, however we’re always looking for ways to improve our set.

How has your local music scene affected the way you play live?

There’s a lot of good talent coming through in Birmingham so it makes everyone spur each other on to up our game.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for your performance?

You’ll have to come and watch…

Are there any other acts you are looking forward to seeing or any that you’d recommend? 

We’re looking forward to watching Samuel Rodgers and Nth cave as we have played with them before and they are very talented. We are also excited to see the Americas, another Birmingham band who are doing well for themselves.

And finally, do you have any tales of the road you’d like to share with us?

We’re fairly new to be honest so we haven’t really ventured out of Birmingham. Definitely more to come though!

The Clause: Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud

Worcester Music Festival takes place 15th-17th of September across the city and is in aid of St. Paul’s Hostel who are working to improve the care they provide for the homeless.


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