WMF Preview: Nth Cave

The end of festival season is always sad – there’s no more opportunities to disgrace yourself in a field and go home with little to no consequences, it becomes less appropriate to get horrifically drunk and worst of all, less opportunity to discover new and great artists. But, worry not, for Worcester holds a golden opportunity. You may not be able to camp in a field and build up a wall of B.O. but you will find more than a few hidden gems amongst the sprawling metropolitan festival. Dotted across various venues within the city, every type of music will be showcased alongside spoken word and comedy acts on Sunday night. The best part? It’s all in aid of a wonderful charity: St. Paul’s Hostel. If you have any sense left after the summer, you’ll be heading down to soak up the talent between the 15th-17th of September.

Our fave Worcs band Nth Cave are hitting the stage for this year’s festival and we’re so excited we forced them to answer some questions.

WHO: Nth Cave | WHERE: The Old Pheasant | WHEN: Sat 16th @ 22:15


How are you feeling about Worcester Music Festival? Are you excited?

We’re feeling pretty gosh darn excited here at nth cave HQ as this will be our first Worcester Music Festival and our first time playing at The Pheasant. We’ve been looking forward to it for ages and we’re also excited to play alongside The Purple Shades again.

How would you like to introduce yourself to new fans?

We are nth cave. We love long walks on the beach, cosy nights in and Jeremy Corbyn. We hate meat eaters and phonies. We place our music somewhere in the region of psych-prog-art-alt-grunge-indie-strange pop-garage-shoegaze-jazz-fuzz-funk-punk. If you don’t like any of these genres then we don’t want you at our gigs… Okay that was a joke but we do incorporate modern indie, 90s grunge and sometimes pop-like vocals. The best way to see what we’re like is to come see us at WMF!

Have you played at other festivals before? How was your experience?

We did one in Malvern a few years ago and we played to just the 2 sound guys, our music teacher and Alfie’s parents. It was a shame but that same day we played SpaFest in Droitwich where we played with the dank Tom Forbes which was probably one of the best crowds we’ve ever played to. Worcester Music Festival is probably the most exciting festival we’ve ever done though, so thanks WMF babes.

What was your first live performance like? How has your act developed since then?

Our first performance was Battle Of The Bands at school. We played the bland and oatmeal-y song Whistle For The Choir by The Fratellis which went down a treat to the gang of parents watching but we didn’t keep playing it for long. Our first show out of school was a car and motorbike show in Drakes Broughton which also at the time felt really cool because we played on the back of a flat-bed trailer but looking back at the photos we were reeeaaally not that cool at all, more embarrassing than cool. Since then we have performed hundreds of gigs at all sorts of venues including pubs, clubs and private parties but we mostly aim to play at live music venues as the atmosphere and type of music is much more suited to our style, and the audience is there solely for the music.

How has your local music scene affected the way you play live?

We’ve only been playing in Worcester for less than a year, before that we played mostly in Birmingham and the nights we played were always rushed and we weren’t really able to approach the bands we met. However in Worcester gigs are much more personal which is nice because we’ve been able to make lots of new friends in bands which allows us to have more fun when we play.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for your performance?

Can’t say, won’t say, don’t even try to get us to say anymore. Okay fine we’ll tell you; we’ve added 2 new songs to our setlist, one is called Genocide and the other is a song we abandoned ages ago called Pink Beech. We’re really stoked for people to hear Genocide (but not stoked for real genocide that is not stoke-worthy).

Are there any other acts you are looking forward to seeing or any that you’d recommend?

There are absolutely loads! Like Junior Weeb, The Americas, The Hungry Ghosts, FEET, Insomnichord, Elephant Peel, Happy Bones, Lycio, Thousand Mountain, ClayToRide, lots of cool people! We’re probably going to spend more time going to bands than practicing for our own set! Boneyard Sessions and Uncover have done really well at getting good bands on; Boneyard is right next door to The Pheasant so we could pop our heads in.

And finally, do you have any tales of the road you’d like to share with us?

Don’t drive to Belper on a Friday evening when every single motorway there is closed for roadworks, but if you’re lucky you might see a rare 60 mile an hour sign!

Nth Cave: Twitter / Facebook

Worcester Music Festival takes place 15th-17th of September across the city and is in aid of St. Paul’s Hostel who are working to improve the care they provide for the homeless.


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