Single Review: Novatines // Medicine

Hailing from Bath, Novatines are a five piece getting ready to rock your world. Debut track ‘Medicine’ may only be their first offering but it’s loud and compelling enough to secure their foreseeable future as a band to keep your eye on. Released through Dirty 38 Records, the track was recorded live and produced by the band, completely capturing their raw energy.


Straight from the off they hook you with building intro that climaxes with the thrash of drums and the shredding of guitar. What follows is an anthemic gem; brooding and sneering, the vocals lead us into the fiery pit based on lashing punch of drums and electrifying riffs. The chorus boasts vehemence, vocals reach a breathless delivery as a singalong is followed by massive riffs and mammoth instrumentals.

Overall, it demonstrates the appreciation for the rock greats whilst showing a small divergence from the straight path, creating such an impressive debut tune that it’s become fearless statement. The track might be impressive but a live performance could be even more so – thankfully a UK November tour is around the corner.

‘Medicine’ is Novatines’ debut single, out now.

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