Single Review: Cousin Kula // Working For It

Cousin Kula have release their latest single ‘Working For It’ via Chiverin.

Cousin Kula

The Bristol based six-piece produce the hallucinatory psych sounds that lead you into sheer bliss. Their different influences create a strange and wholly unique sound, leading to them gaining a dedicated following, even leading to them working with impressive names. They’ve spent time with Oliver Baldwin & Jim Barr (Portishead) at J&J studios, perfecting their energetic live sound into recorded form without loosing too much of that raw feel. Following the single release, debut EP is due in November 2017

‘Working For It’ shows how the band’s efforts have paid off, resulting in the dreamy technicolor dream that the track provides. In that mesmerizing pot of gold, woozy synths are paired with glossy vocals, building up to a contagious pulse that takes over from your own heart beat. It’s haunting and delicious in equal measures, it’s at the perfect level to hit anyone’s palette.

‘Working For It’ is Cousin Kula’s latest single, out now.

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