Single Review: Pekoe Cat // A Maze

Pekoe Cat releases new and intense track ‘A Maze’.

Pekoe Cat

Pekoe Cat, aka Kyle Woolven, is a multi-instrumentalist/producer. Starting his musical beginnings with a mini guitar before eventually teaching himself other instruments, Woolven found himself working solo because he’s “extremely anti-social”, a recurring theme in his new album ‘Digital Chaos’. His work, recorded in his basement through a couple of mics and a Tascam US-1641 audio interface, is never finished when the process starts, leaving the fate of the tracks unknown. But, as ‘A Maze’ shows, it’s bound to be an impressive ending.

The single is a dizzying psych rock epic. It takes you through its own ‘maze’, following evolving paths cut between shimmering walls full of personality and abstract clarity. Melodies that are clear as glass feature punchy undertones whilst ghostly vocals will cast a spell, putting you into an appreciate daze for Woolven’s intense artistry. Overall, his musical creation is somehow more interesting than the man behind it.

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