Single Review: Chinook // Bones

Chinook releases the uplifting single ‘Bones’.


Chinook is a young Norwegian artist who initally shot to notoriety with a debut number one single ‘Go Home’ aged just 16. After finding fame intimidating, she opened up about her feelings on social media, her honesty and transparency earning her masses of respect and support. Since her debut, she’s been finding her feet but her new single ‘Bones’ may just show finally settling.

‘Bones’ flaunts a more mature style, boasting subtleties in every aspect, resulting in an extremely engaging track that brings you in regardless of whether you’re paying attention or not. Reminiscent of summer vibes, the impressive harmonies and tin drums work together to create flashes of warmth throughout. And, not only does the building crescendo tones raise your spirits, it leads into a classically styled finale that makes the track so much more memorable.

Chinook said: “‘Bones’ is about finding yourself again when you’re lost, and about expressing your emotions in actions. I love the organic and simple sound of the song,it’s a perfect expression of my personality and my vocal style” and we can’t help but agree.

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