Single Review: TEST // Entertainment Tonight

‘Entertainment Tonight’ is the first single released from Test’s forthcoming debut LP ‘BRAIN IN / BRAIN OUT‘, due for release on 11th November.


Test, a Los Angeles based trio, are really testing our stomachs with this new track. Formed by Blake Stokes and featuring Wayne Meza and Morgan Ponder, the band are gearing up to release their debut LP and that will no doubt feature punk and grungy garage sounds aplenty. Previously, they’ve released EP ‘Temple and Vibrate’ which contained some corkers so we’re hoping that the LA rockers are gearing up to get uncanned.

‘Entertainment Tonight’ features riffs just as dirty as the music video, all that grotty food translated in the raw pummel of guitar that will leave your soul unleashed. It channels an infectious energy too, the track as whole planting itself in your brain and refusing to leave like a parasite. Except, with this parasite, it’s not so much as a bad thing as usual.

Vocalist Blake Stokes explains the track best by saying “‘Entertainment Tonight’ was an attempt at writing an Oasis song that ended up sounding like the 1990s covering the Pixies. The lyrics all came at once and touch on everything from my love of getting fucked up in the mid 00s to my career as a child actor in the 90s”. Regardless of what it was meant to sound like, the outcome deserves a lot of praise indeed.

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